College Marketing Challenges

College Marketing Challenges

Many companies face college marketing challenges. Brands can surmount these obstacles by delivering authentic ads to students using the resources and expertise of a reputable college marketing agency.

At a glance, college marketing is a relatively straightforward concept: brands promoting their products or services to college students. In practice, however, college marketing is a difficult endeavor.

The college demographic is increasingly distrustful of corporations and institutions. This is not surprising, given the fact they’re living in uncertain times and face economic challenges ahead; they can’t even be certain that the degrees they’re pursuing will help them gain careers in their field of study and the recent government shutdown only heightened their insecurities about the future.

This makes college marketing a real challenge, as college students are also wary of corporate advertising and brand messaging. College students are learning to question everything they hear or see, from news stories to advertisements. But these challenges come with opportunity. College students value authenticity and brands that use genuine ads to engage students will earn their trust and loyalty.

Crafting an engaging message is of paramount importance when marketing to college students, as they’re constantly exposed to advertising. In order to cut through the clutter and leave an impression brands need to understand the college consumer mindset and what they value: “Many communicators forget that great messaging begins with their audience’s core values, not their product. When you’re not honing in on what people truly care about and coming across as authentic, your messages will miss the mark.”[1] This is especially true for the college market.

Deliverability is another challenge advertisers face. How do you get your message in front of your target audience? The best way to do this is to advertise on college campuses and through social media channels—the places where college students dwell. This isn’t an easy proposition as college campuses have policies regarding promotions and solicitation on campus, and students—as I mentioned early—distrust most corporate messaging.

Working with an authoritative college marketing agency can help surmount these obstacles. NAM Youth Marketing has a vast network of student brand ambassadors who have access to dorm rooms, dining halls, classrooms, student unions, libraries, and other space reserved for students. They can infiltrate these areas and deliver your ad into the hands of college students. College students will be more receptive to ads coming from a peer—even corporate ads—if they feel it’s relevant and honest.

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[1] Black, Leyl Master. “5 Common Brand Messaging Mistakes by Marketers.” Mashable.

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