Candy Companies Reaching College Students

Candy Companies Reaching College Students
Candy companies reaching college students using nostalgia marketing, peer-to-peer marketing, and sampling campaigns will increase brand awareness and drive brand-consumer engagement. 

The holiday season is a big time for candy and chocolate companies. After all, what would Halloween be like without trick-or-treaters, Christmas without fudge and candy canes, and Valentine’s Day without chocolate? Links between candy and holidays are forever ingrained in the consumer mindset; they have become part of the national consciousness, incorporated into holiday celebrations, and integrated into family traditions.

This is a great boon for the candy industry as a whole, but how can individual companies or brands stand out among competitors? Brands wanting to increase sells and generate brand awareness should turn to the college market as college students are young, impressionable, and impulsive. They also have a great deal more discretionary spending money than teenagers and children, and do not have parental restrictions regarding candy consumption.

College students have fond memories of their childhood and nostalgia marketing works well on them. Consider referencing a past pop culture figure or event that is relevant to them, such as Harry Potter’s chocolate frogs. These are popular among young adults and college students because they reference a fantastical world they grew up with; by eating a chocolate frog, they are one-step closer to experiencing that world firsthand. It brings up positive memories of their past.

Millennials also value experiences. One way to win over this demographic is to provide them with new and innovative flavors that will entice their taste buds and give them a new experience. Boxes of assortment chocolates and candies are always a good idea with this experience seeking demographic. Also, traditional candies with a new twist or presentation fare well, such as chocolate candy bars with bacon. Unusual qualities will pique students’ curiosity.

Once you have designed a product college students would enjoy, it’s time to spread the word. Passing out product samples on college campuses is one way to generate awareness and gain valuable feedback. College students love to voice their opinions and be the first to spread the word about new products. They’re one demographic any candy company would love to have as customers and fans.

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