Why College Newspaper Advertising Works

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College newspaper advertising delivers your ad into the hands of students.

One of the most efficient and effective ways of reaching college students is through their college newspaper. It is the most widespread publication on campus, specifically catering to students. It contains the latest news, activities, and events pertaining to students and their school. If your company is pursuing college marketing ideas, college newspaper advertising should be high on the list.

By advertising in college newspapers throughout the country, your ad will be seen by the youth nationwide. This can be key in increasing sales and making your brand known throughout the youth market. This is a great way of marketing to the youth because it is a medium they love to partake in. College newspapers allow students to stay connected with their school and their community, and they students reading their campus newspapers.

Companies should take advantage of this opportunity of reaching college students through this versatile marketing tool. By advertising to students via their school newspaper it shows students that you support their school and that you have something to offer them. College newspaper advertising works and it works for a reason. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.

NAM Youth Marketing utilizes a vast set of marketing approaches, such as campus postering, college event marketing, college flyering, social media marketing, QR code advertising, college newspaper advertising, and college experiential advertising. We can work with you in developing a solid college marketing strategy based on your individualized needs.

NAM  Youth Marketing has the research and knowledge of the youth demographic to help you come up with unique college advertising solutions and strategies to make your business grow. Contact us today to learn more about college newspaper advertising opportunities!


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