Utilize College Street Teams to Target a Captive Audience

college street teams
How to use college street teams as an effective marketing strategy targeting the youth market.

One of the easiest and most underused forms of advertising on a college campus is using college street teams to target a captive audience. A college street team consists of college-age students who go around campus promoting your company and product, utilizing peer-to-peer marketing channels. When using student brand ambassadors, it is strongly recommended that they wear your company logo, as well as something affiliated with the college they’re marketing to. This ensures that your company logo is leaving an impression, while also allowing college students to easily relate to the promoter.

One way to make sure college students stop and listen to college street team members is by having them make classroom announcements to students. By having college street teams present to a group of students shortly before class starts or after it has finished, will allow them to access a captive audience. Most professors don’t mind if students make an announcement as long as you ask beforehand and don’t cut into class time. Many college students get to class early, so you have a group of students with nothing to do and nowhere else to go. Hence you have a perfect audience to advertise to. These classroom announcements can be highly targeted depending on your business goals.

Make your presentation short and concise. It’s a good idea to bring some kind of visual aid or flyer to hand out to the students, so that they have a physical reminder of your company’s presentation. This is a highly effective way to inform a roomful of students—anywhere from 20-1200 people—of what your company has to offer. Classroom announcements are a great way to reach college students. College street teams have access to classrooms and connections with professors as they’re students themselves; they can break barriers where companies would normally be denied access. I don’t know why more companies don’t use this method more often.

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