Pairing an After Party with On-Campus Events

Pairing an After Party with On-Campus Events image

Pairing an after party with on-campus events can be an effective student marketing strategy that keeps customers coming back.

Pairing an After Party with On-Campus Events

With so many restaurants, bars, and clubs in a college town it can be hard to make your venue stand out and more importantly to retain repeat customers. One way of reaching college students is by pairing an after party with on-campus events. For example, all Florida State University theatre events have an after party at Masa—an Asian-fusion restaurant. This really helps increase business at Masa because lots of the people who went to the performance and many of the performers want to go out and do something after the play. Since this is a widely known after party (it’s stated on the theatre programs), people don’t have to come up with a location to meet or something to do; the hard work—the planning—is already done for them.

Pairing an after party with an on-campus events, allows students with common interest to mingle together after the event. Since events run throughout the year, this can be a great way to build a loyal customer base. Theatre is just one example of many; you could also link your event with college sporting events, dance performances, musical performances, Greek events, campus movie promotions, etc. Better yet, you could do a combination there of, on different nights of the week, so you can appeal to diverse audiences.

Advertise Your Event On Campus

Once you’ve decided on an event. You’ll want to advertise your event in a variety of different ways, such as college bulletin board advertising, campus flyers, college newspapers, and college street teams. However, when utilizing these different college marketing strategies it is important to remember several things. Since these are event specific, it is important to target that specific audience. For example, if you’re having an after party for a dance performance it would be important to pass out campus flyers and campus posters at the School of Dance, the Fine Arts Building, and the theatre where the performance is taking place.

Target marketing is important for these types of events; you don’t want to waste time and money advertising to students who are less likely to attend the main event and therefore uninterested in attending the after party. Also remember to be respectful when distributing the promotional material. No one wants the event their attending to be interrupted by advertising. However, at half time or intermission on the other hand, attendees would welcome the information, as well as the weeks leading up to the event.

Once people start attending your after party, a word of mouth viral marketing strategy will occur. People who attend such events will tell their friends to come to the after party and the news will spread. As you can see, pairing an
after party with on-campus events, can lead to repeat happy customers.

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