Mobile Marketing is an Essential Component of Youth Marketing

Mobile Marketing is an Essential Component of Youth Marketing

There’s no denying that technology has changed social interaction among the youth. Photographing and documenting have become facets of everyday life. Teenagers and college students’ phones have become extensions of themselves—their link to the world at large. The youth have been spoiled by the internet’s vast information pool; any information they want, they can have in a matter of seconds. They are dependent on the digital world and if their connection is severed they become uncomfortable: “The digital attachment is real. 53% of millennials would rather give up their sense of smell than their laptop or phone.”[1] This startling statistics shows just how important that connection is to them.

The following video short shows millennials’ reliance on their Smartphone.

Though this video is highlighting how mobile devices detract from social gatherings in a comedic light and is probably somewhat exaggerated, it hits close to home.

Realizing the important role mobile devices have on the youth, it’s essential to develop a digital marketing strategy that includes a mobile marketing component. There are many different mobile marketing strategies that can be used to engage the youth. SMS (text) marketing allows brands to send text messages straight to students’ mobile devices. These messages will remind students of your brand and can serve as call-to-action tools. SMS messages interrupt their busy day, making them think of your company. For SMS marketing to work, you must send messages that the youth value, such as coupons, exclusive content, games, contests, or friendly reminders.

Another important component of mobile marketing that companies often neglect is the development of a mobile-optimized site. This can have dire consequences as the youth expect a mobile friendly experience. In fact, “shoppers are more likely to buy a product or service if your site is optimized for mobile. Three-fourths said they are more likely to return to a site in the future if the experience on mobile is good.”[2] Developing a mobile site is not only important for sales, but also important for customer satisfaction and customer retention. Mobile marketing is no longer an option, but a necessity when youth marketing.

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