Marketing to the Youth Using Co-Creation Strategies

Marketing to the Youth Using Co-Creation Strategies
Marketing to the youth using co-creation strategies is one way to increase consumer engagement among the youth demographic.  

Co-creation marketing allows consumers to contribute new content that shapes brand identity in conjunction with brand generated content. This can be hair raising for brands, as they’re relinquishing some of their control to their consumers. However, co-creation will happen whether a brand officially encourages it or not and those brands that choose to embrace co-creation marketing techniques will reap the rewards, especially when marketing to the youth.

Co-creation generates consumer engagement. It allows consumers to voice their opinions in creative ways and makes them feel part of the brand experience. Unlike traditional advertising, co-creation marketing allows consumers to take an active role. As users contribute content, they become more invested in the brand and the brand’s community. This is especially true among the youth demographic as “4 in 10 Millennials (aged 18-33) from around the world want brands to allow them to influence their products (co-creation).”[1]


ModCloth is one brand that successfully incorporates co-creation marketing into their brand strategy. With their “Make the Cut” contest, they encourage fashion enthusiasts and designers to contribute original fashion sketches for a particular theme. The ModCloth Team then selects a group of finalists and posts these selections to their Facebook page where they allow their Facebook users to vote and select the winners. The winning contestant gets to have their sketch produced with their name on the tag and sold on the Modcloth site.

Why is this successful? First, it provides multiple levels of engagement. People get to submit their own creative ideas; they also get to participate in the final selection process by voting on Facebook. Secondly, it gives contestants the opportunity to make their dreams become a reality. If they win the contest, they will have an article of clothing they designed produced and sold under their name.

Marketing to the youth using co-creation strategies requires strategy, creativity, and thorough understanding of your target demographic. Hosting a contest and creating a custom Facebook to promote that contest is one effective youth marketing approach. Contact Marc Sorel to learn more about co-creation and social media marketing strategies.

[1] MarketingCharts Staff. “4 in 10 Millennials Interested in Co-Creating Products with Brands”. MarketingCharts.

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