Youth Marketing Advice for Financial Institutions Targeting Young People

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This article gives youth marketing advice for financial institutions trying to increase clientele among young professionals.  

Target College Students and Graduating Seniors

Graduating college students have a lot going on in the months leading up to and after graduation. Most will begin searching for jobs and potentially relocating to new areas. Some will apply to graduate and professional schools and will be researching ways in which to fund their continuing education. Almost all graduating students will have to begin repaying their student loans and will value speaking with a financial advisor to find the best plan for doing so and to go over all their options.

On average people tend to get married in their mid to late 20s and some will want assistance financing their special day. Other young people will want to set up a retirement account after getting their first full time job and others might want to open up a savings account. This can be a financially exciting, yet confusing time for young people as they transition away from being students and into their roles as working adults. They no longer have their school’s financial aid office to assist them with their financial needs and will be looking for a financial institution to help make this transitional period easier.

Youth Marketing Advice for Financial Institutions

1. Advertise On College Campuses

One way to reach these graduating seniors is through on-campus advertising. It is important to make your financial institution stand out among its competitors and therefore attract these graduating seniors. One way to do this is by distributing informational flyers to college students on campus using college street teams. These college flyers can list your institution and the services you offer.  Other on-campus advertising ideas include: college poster advertising, media board advertising, campus kiosks advertising, bulletin board advertising, dorm outreach, event marketing, and targeted student outreach utilizing peer-to-peer marketing.

2. Host Information Sessions

Consider hosting information sessions that will interest graduating college students, such as loan consolidation, managing your student loans, balancing a checkbook, how to successfully create a budget, setting up a savings account, financing your continuing education, and other topics graduates will find useful. Offering information sessions shows your financial institutes willingness to inform and assist young professionals with their financial needs. This can definitely give your company an edge over the competition and increase students’ respect for your institution.

3. Advertise to Graduating Seniors

Another highly effective way of reaching these new professionals is through graduation marketing, a highly targeted form of youth marketing that allows companies to engage with graduating students and their families before and after graduation ceremonies and events. This maximizes efficiency and guarantees that your target demographic will be reached.

NAM Youth Marketing expert and company President, Marc Sorel, coined the phrase, “Zero Wasted Ad Dollars”. This phrase represents his strategic marketing approach that is driven by honesty and transparency. Each client receives a no-nonsense, targeted experience focused around their business’ goals.

We can help your financial institution come up with an on-campus advertising campaign that’s right for you and reaches this niche market. We offer youth marketing advice for financial institutions, contact us today!

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