Make an Impact with Cause Marketing

College Marketing Make an Impact with Cause Marketing

In today’s technological age, where information can be shared around the world in a matter of minutes, companies face higher and higher consumer expectations and if these demands aren’t met it can have major ramifications. A recent Media Post article, Marketing: Causes: Tapping the Power of Impact Thinking, highlights just how important cause marketing and public image can have on a company:

Recent research shows an overwhelming majority of people globally — 94% — believe companies must do more than just make money. A full 60% say companies should advocate for change and evolve the way they operate. And consumers aren’t just talking: 55% report they’ve refused to buy products in the past year because companies behaved irresponsibly.

Consumers are demanding authenticity, transparency, and social activism from corporations. Millennials are at the forefront of this movement and companies should align themselves with a cause when engaging in college marketing campaigns. College students are more likely to buy a product from a company that supports a worthy cause and demonstrates their efforts. Linking your product with a cause allows Millennials to not only feel good about the purchase itself, but also gives them personal satisfaction about contributing to the world or their community. Students will be left with a positive impression of both your product and brand; this will increase customer loyalty and help attract new customers. According to Cone Cause Evolution Study, “83% of American consumers want more products, services and retailers they use to support causes and 80% of American consumers are likely to switch brands to one that supports a cause if similar in price and quality.”[1] If your business needs an edge over the competition think about contributing to a cause and advertising your efforts on college campuses.

There are several ways to make your cause known to students, including hanging posters on college bulletin boards, distributing promotional flyers via college street teams, and placing ads in college newspapers. Targeting college students is an effective college marketing approach and will enable your company to gain followers and advocates. These fans will help advertise for you by spreading the word to their family and friends. They will start organic conversations and their passion will enthuse others. This will help your brand image and lead to word of mouth viral marketing.

If you need help coming up with unique college marketing ideas, contact NAM Youth Marketing. We are here to help you reach the college market.

[1] Robert M. Brecht’s, “Cause Marketing: Supporting a Cause Is Good Business.” Creativity Without Imitation. DMN3.

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