College Marketing: Beyond Posters, Alternate Ad Spaces on Campus, Part II

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While college posters are a great youth marketing strategy, they can only saturate so many areas of campus—let’s look at ways to access some alternate ad spaces.

In the first installment of this series I discussed students’ living quarters and dining areas as possible alternate ad spaces, as well as offering some college marketing plans for exploiting them. What I like about those two categories is their distance from the more “academic” or “collegiate” spaces on campus—i.e., they aren’t places where students go exclusively to study or work, but primarily ones where they do the business of living. So let’s look at some more student hotspots that share this characteristic.

Campus Bus Routes

On larger campuses especially, a significant proportion of the students use campus bus services, either to get around campus or to commute to it. At my school, for instance, buses were typically stuffed to capacity during the mid-afternoon peak hours. As noted above, this is a space existing outside, or at least in the transition zone, of the “academic” campus.

The most obvious way to use this space for college advertising purposes is to purchase ad spots on the strips that run the length of the bus near the ceiling. But a student agent could also discreetly distribute materials to fellow passengers or leave them on vacant seats. Or it could even be something as simple as having them dress in promotional clothing and ride the bus in a prominent standing position near the front.

Recreation Centers/Student Unions

These are places that students go to voluntarily and at which they are presumably happy and stress-free. Generally, student unions are large and contain bulletin boards, so college bulletin board marketing is one easy entrance to this space. College street teams or agents at promotional tables could also participate in some of the events that occur there on a regular basis.

College Newspaper

This category pretty much speaks for itself—standard print advertising through purchased spots. It has a readership of primarily college students, and ad space is cheap relative to larger commercial papers.

A less obvious college advertising solution in this category is to create your own marketing pamphlet and have agents distribute them in the wire racks around campus beside the school newspaper and other such publications.

Access these alternate ad spaces today! NAM Youth Marketing specializes in innovative college advertising solutions. We will help your brand stand out among the clutter with alternate ad spaces.


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2 Responses to College Marketing: Beyond Posters, Alternate Ad Spaces on Campus, Part II

  1. Maxx Appelman says:

    I’d check out AdMobilize. You can put your ad’s on students’ iPads and cars. No more limitation of ad space. They’re starting to become popular on my campus here at FIU.

    • rosanna says:

      I looked at AdMobilize and it seems like it would be a great way to generate brand awareness. At NAM Youth Marketing, we take it one step further. We hire students on college campuses to participate in peer-to-peer marketing campaigns. They access their vast networks of friends on and off campus and actively engage students, promoting brands and forming meaningful connections.

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