College Marketing: Beyond Posters, Alternate Ad Spaces on Campus Part I

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While college posters are a great youth marketing strategy, they can only saturate so many areas of campus—let’s look at ways to access some alternate ad spaces.

Campus posters, college street teams, and event marketing are all excellent college advertising strategies, but they focus on people moving around select areas of campus, which means they can’t achieve complete saturation. Students might not pass by the right place, or an event could simply not pique their interest. So what are some ways to access different regions of campus in order to include more students?

Dorms and Student Apartment

Why not market to college students right where they live? Door hangers are an effective home advertising solution—easy to distribute, impossible to ignore, and cheap to produce (relative to larger posters). Student marketing agents can quickly affix hundreds to thousands of door hangers just by hitting several dorm buildings or student apartment complexes within a small geographical area. And since the advertisement is right on an individual’s front door, it gets guaranteed exposure, which can’t be said for most college marketing strategies. Also, unlike a poster, the hanger is theirs to keep, so including a coupon on it would be more feasible.

Dining Halls and Common Areas

This idea is in the same vein as the last one: it targets students’ personal, nonacademic space. Most students spend much more time in dining halls or their room than walking by bulletin boards, so it stands to reason that a college marketing plan focusing on these spaces would be more successful.

A good college marketing strategy for these alternate ad spaces could involve a combination of table tents (small paper advertisements that stand atop a table or flat surface) and student agents distributing materials or engaging their fellows. The dining facilities at my school also offered ad space on the side of the plastic napkin holders at each table. Common areas like benches, picnic tables, etc. are also prime locations to post table tents or other paper advertisement.

I’ll look at some more college marketing ideas pertaining to alternate ad spaces in part II of this series.                


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