College Advertising: Attract Attention by Personalizing your Ad

Attract Attention by Personalizing Your Ad image

When developing a college advertising campaign, make sure to provide students with  a personalized brand experience by personalizing your ad. The youth value brands that resonate with them. 

Ad specificity is extremely important when targeting the youth. Trends can fall in and out of fashion in a matter of months. Knowing what is cool and marketing that image in your college advertising campaign can be very influential among this impressionable demographic. Cultivating and maintaining a hip image is very important to college students and teens. Why do you think so many young people actively post and upload selective photos of themselves on social networking sites? They are constructing a profile of themselves that they want the world to see–an image that shows they’re fun, attractive, stylish, trendy, and an all-around fashionable person.

When marketing to the youth, it is very important to focus on personalizing your ad. They need to know that your product is designed specifically for their demographic. The hardest part of advertising to college students is getting the initial notice. There are so many different forms of advertising today, that it is hard to discriminate what to take in and what to ignore. One way college students filter out ads is by seeing if the ad is easily relatable and pulls them in; if it does not, they ignore it. This shows the critical nature of constructing an advertisement or advertising approach that resonates with the youth.

Once you formulate a college ad that will appeal and relate to students, the hardest part is done. The next component to consider is how to best deliver your message to your target audience. Effective college advertising mediums include: on-campus advertising, P2P marketing, social media marketing, college street teams, event marketing, experiential marketing, or a combination there of. By having a relatable ad and an accessible venue, college students will gain awareness of your company and the services it offers—your brand will enter their radar.

As more and more students try your product or visit your establishment and like it, the word will spread. The youth love to share new brands and products with their friends and they value word of mouth recommendations from their peers. The youth are very vocal about brands they like. If you can capture their interest and gain their loyalty; they will express their opinions to their friends and on social networking sites. As more and more people learn about your product, it will rise in popularity and begin to be associated as cool.

NAM Youth Marketing can help you formulate a swank image for your company and attract attention for your brand. Personalizing your ad is the first step to a successful college advertising campaign.


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