Capturing College Students’ Votes and Why it Matters

Capturing College Students’ Votes and Why it Matters

Politicians should focus their attention on capturing college students’ votes as this demographic represents huge untapped potential.

Increasing voter turnout among the youth could change the course of an election. In 2012, the youth demographic (18-29) comprised up to 21% of the eligible voter population.[1] Typically, half of the eligible voters in this demographic decline to participate. What this number represents is potential—huge untapped potential.

If you are a politician trying to increase your votes in a local, state, or national election, consider capturing college students’ votes. Studies show that young people who are contacted by an organization or a campaign are more likely to vote.[2] In an election you need all the votes you can muster. In order to get the upper hand over your fellow politicians, it is important to target the college demographic.

First, it is critical to make sure that the youth market knows who you are and what you represent. This can be done through a variety of different college advertising mediums, including postering on campus, college event marketing, billboard advertising, and college flyering. Second, it is important that you mention key issues you support that college students tend to care about, such as interest rates on loans, job creation, medical care, global warming, women’s health, and the future of our economy.

It is important to remember that most college students have never voted in an election before. Voting like most things can be habit forming. The sooner you get the youth to participate in the elections, the more likely they’ll continue to participate. The same goes with party lines, once someone registers with one party it takes a lot to make them switch sides.

NAM Youth Marketing—a collegiate and youth marketing company—is here to help you get an edge over your competition and make sure you reach the college demographic. Whether you want to publish a key article in college newspapers around the country or have promotional flyers handed out on your behalf, NAM Youth Marketing is to here to guide you.

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