Advertising on College Campuses During Orientation

Advertising on College Campuses During Orientation

Advertising on college campuses during orientation can help familiarize students with your company or product and help build your clientele base.

Most colleges require a student orientation upon admission to their university. The point of orientation is to help students who are moving from a new place, leaving home, and/or beginning college courses for the first time transition to their new environment. Orientation allows incoming students to familiarize themselves with the campus, meet faculty members, register for classes, and bond with their peers.

Just as college students need assistance in transitioning to college life, they also need guidance with practical matters as well—such as where to shop, eat, live, and entertain themselves. Since most college orientation programs schedule in some free time for students to explore the grounds, this is a great time for businesses to reach these incoming students.

Advertising on college campuses during orientation allows you to promote your company via word of mouth viral marketing. You can have student brand ambassadors meet and greet students, during this time they can explain the location of your business in relation to campus and offer directions on the easiest way to get there. They can also pass out call-to-action coupons and promotional flyers. Students will be interested in this information because they are new to the area.

For the first time in their lives they’re totally dependent on themselves, having to worry about transportation, food, when and where to exercise, what to eat—all the daily features of everyday life that have been for the most part provided for them, up until this point, by their parents.

Advertising to students during orientation may be one of the easiest ways to market to college students, as they have not settled into a schedule or routine. They haven’t formed habits as to where to go and what to do; they are a blank slate so to speak. Advertising during this sensitive time period—where consumer ideas are being formed and trends are being set—is imperative for undergraduate marketing success.

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