The Key to Advertising to Students is Knowing Your Target Audience

The Key to Advertising to Students is Knowing Your Target Audience

Knowing how college students think and act is crucial when developing a college marketing plan.

College students are a highly intelligent group of individuals that value creativity and change. They eagerly anticipate new forms of technology and are among the first to incorporate new technology into their lives. They also value their independence and don’t like to be told how to live and think. When advertising to students it’s essential that you understand them. You need to know how they think, live, and play, what mediums they choose to engage with and on what frequency, as well as what motivates them to act. Equally important is what forms of college advertising to avoid. If you can answer these questions, you can begin developing a solid college advertising strategy.

College students don’t like to be sold on an idea and typically avoid hard selling. They view it as an annoyance, something that insults their intelligence and wastes their time. Instead, focus your energies on building positive bonds between college students and your company. Have meaningful interactions with them; instead of a sales pitch, have a conversation. Present them with what your company has to offer them in a friendly manner. Don’t push them to buy something, instead, let them reach that conclusion on their own. Advertising to students in this way will yield much higher results and is a more effective way of reaching college students.

It is extremely important to engage college students on their terms. Advertising on college campuses is key when trying to reach this elusive demographic. Bring the advertising to them! College street teams are a great way to connect with college students. It allows fellow students to represent your company, and market your brand to their peers in a fun, meaningful fashion. College students will be more receptive to a peer, someone they can relate to and understand. Have college street teams pass out product samples or coupons. Provide students with an incentive to act. This is crucial to a successful college advertising campaign.

NAM Youth Marketing has over 15 years of experience marketing and advertising to students. We know how they think and which form of advertising readily appeals to them. We can help you come up with innovative, fun ways of advertising to students. Call us today and let us help you with your marketing needs!


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