College Marketing: How to Use College Event Marketing to Promote Food and Beverage Products

How to Use College Event Marketing to Promote Food and Beverage Products

Experiential marketing and event marketing campaigns engage students and allow them to partake in the brand experience. These approaches will enable students to connect with your brand and form positive associations with your product.

Innovative snack companies and brands are turning towards college experiential marketing and college event marketing in lieu of more traditional marketing approaches when advertising to students. Many consumers, especially millennials, want to connect and engage with brands. By using unconventional marketing channels, you allow consumers to not only experience your brand but to add to the brand experience. This is important “as millennials feel a sense of co-ownership towards brands and products.”[1] Your brand will capture students’ attention and gain consumer loyalty through engagement and interaction.

The college demographic is hugely influential on the food and beverage industry, and students’ eating habits can shape industry trends. Consider these 2 tips when developing a college marketing strategy that utilizes experiential marketing to promote new products:

1.     Associate your brand with an event they’ll remember

The whole strategy behind college event marketing is the ability to create a brand experience for students that they’ll remember, so they’ll form memories of the event and link it with your product. By choosing a day that’s significant to them, they’ll be more inclined to remember those events. A company that utilized this approach in a creative way was DORITOS® in their DORITOS® Collisions college marketing campaign. They chose to execute a college experiential marketing campaign at colleges nationwide on the day of and the day prior to the 2008 presidential election. The campuses were already filled with buzz about the upcoming election and DORITOS® capitalized on this excitement by having college street teams pass out bags of DORITOS® and encourage voter participation. They chose a current event that was relevant to college students and used a significant date for marketing the campaign—the day many students were allowed to vote for the first time.

 2.     Market a new experience

Marketing new experiences is critical when advertising on college campuses. Millennials value brands that entertain their taste buds and provide them with a new consumer experience. They delight in trying new flavors and flavor combinations. Food and beverage companies that want to attract students’ attention will develop innovative flavors and/or new presentation methods. Introducing new flavors into the college market can lead to social media marketing and provide you with invaluable market research as you can listen to students’ opinions.

Revitalize your college marketing approach by using college experiential marketing and gain an edge over the competition by marketing an experience. Students will appreciate the creative approach and spread the word to their friends. If you want more innovative approaches to event marketing and reaching college students, contact NAM Youth Marketing.

[1] Read more here: How millennials connect with brands

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