College Event Marketing: Reaching College Students on Their Terms

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Consider college event marketing when advertising to students. Though technology plays an essential role in college students lives, it may not be the best method for reaching college students  as they prefer event marketing and sampling promotions over digital ads.   

College Students Relationship with Technology

It’s widely known that college students and the youth are hooked on technology. On any given day, you can walk around college campuses nationwide and see students engaged with multiple tech gadgets. According to a recent study conducted by re:fuel, college students own “an average of 6.9 gadgets per student”.[1] This is not surprising given how interconnected our society is becoming with technology.

Colleges have integrated web-base curriculum into their degree programs and many utilize innovative forms of technology in the classroom. Most colleges and universities require students to have a computer and many students own a laptop for optimum convenience and efficiency. Millennials have grown up with technology and are highly proficient with it.

However, technology might not be the best method of reaching college students despite their habitual usage of it. College students use technology for work, school, social networking, and entertainment, among other things. They dislike intrusive advertising and don’t want to be interrupted by unsolicited ads when surfing the web.

Advertising Preferences Among College Students

College students use technology as a means to connect and engage, but they still value in-person connections highly. This extends to their advertising preferences as well:

Sponsored events (17%) and product samples (15%) were among the least likely types of advertisements to be avoided. In fact, students tend to respond well to these sources. 45% report having received product samples during the school year, with two-thirds of those going to purchase the brand. 35% also said they had attended an event on campus sponsored by a brand, with 63% of those going on to purchase the brand.[2]

Incorporating college sampling into your next college marketing campaign will help you reach the elusive college consumer. College students are naturally suspicious of advertising, but college sampling breaks through those barriers and engages them on their terms. They get to experience your product first hand and determine if they like it. No one is telling them what to do or what to buy; instead you’re allowing them to experience your product in a hassle-free environment.

The Benefits of College Event Marketing

College event marketing and experiential marketing are effective forms of college marketing. Hosting an event on campus allows your brand to connect with students in a fun, innovative way. There’s no pressure on them to buy your product; instead they can participate in the event on their own terms. This eases their weariness and allows them to form positive associations with your brand. After the event, they will think of your brand and many will go on to purchase products.

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[2] Read More: Tech-Savvy College Students Are Gathering Gadgets, Saying Yes to Showrooming and Rejecting Second-Screening

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