College Advertising Can Help Increase Support for Causes

College Advertising Can Help Increase Support for Causes

Marketing on college campuses can help your organization gain exposure and draw new supporters to your cause.

I often here college students say that they want to make a difference in the world, however, when asked how they would like to contribute, many are unsure. This is not because they are uninterested, but rather the ideas seem too monumental for one person to make a difference. They have been focusing on the issues abstractly and not thinking about ways in which to combat the problem or contribute to the cause.

Use college advertising as a way of reaching college students, by making your cause known. Engaging in undergraduate marketing techniques before spring break and summer vacation can help your nonprofit organization gain much needed volunteers. As students see campus posters, campus flyers, and campus ads marketing your cause and advertising ways for students to contribute, they will become aware of your cause and realize the impact they can make.

Campus marketing can bring awareness to your organization and act as a call to action. For example, when I was attending Florida State University I saw campus posters for Environment Florida, advertising environmental advocacy positions for the summer. I was super excited, because the environment and environmental conservation are topics that are important to me and I would never have thought to search for environmental advocacy jobs. I ended up not being able to take the position as it conflicted with another job I already had, but I told all of my friends about it and one of them ended up taking the position.

College advertising can lead to social media marketing and word of mouth viral marketing. When college students are passionate enough about a cause—like I was for Environment America—they will spread the word to their family and friends. This will extend into the social media spheres as well and can help expose your company’s social media sites to countless new people, building your supporters, and helping your organization further its cause.

NAM Youth Marketing can help you come up with college advertising ideas that meet your needs and budget. We have the college marketing expertise to ensure that you reach this elusive demographic. If you have a cause, we want to help!


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