Engage Students with Skiing Opportunities Using College Marketing

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In order to successfully reach college students, ski areas need to penetrate students’ space. Use college marketing to engage students with skiing opportunities.

Why Ski Resorts Should Engage Students With Skiing Opportunities

The youth and college demographics represent key segments of the ski industry. Capturing this audience can not only expand clientele, but can translate into lifetime customers. The earlier you get people skiing, the earlier skiing habits will develop; it will become a way of life, not just a onetime venture. If you can connect with this elusive group and get them pumped up about skiing and the slopes, they will share their excitement with others.

This will naturally lead to word of mouth viral marketing, a form of marketing college students and teenagers value most. They respect and trust their friends and peers advice more readily than traditional forms of advertising. College students engage heavily in social media and love to show pictures and videos of their experiences. They will post images of their skiing adventures on their social media sites, exposing your ski resort to countless others and contributing to your social media marketing efforts.

College students’ passion for skiing will extend into their adult lives and they will want to expose their children to the breathtaking beauty of the mountains and allow them to experience the thrill of skiing for themselves. This will introduce a whole new generation of skiers to the slopes and at a much younger age. It will also create a powerful bonding experience between parent and child, providing a point of connection that both parties can relate to.

Develop A College Marketing Plan That Resonates With Students

Recognizing the importance of reaching college students, your company needs to develop a college marketing plan that penetrates students’ space and resonates with the student body. Engagement is the single most influential factor when advertising to students. College event marketing plays a pivotal role in driving interest and building brand awareness. When utilizing face-to-face marketing techniques it is important to carefully select representatives that fully understand and genuinely care about your cause. You want fans and enthusiasts to represent your company—college students that love skiing and your resort. This will carry far more weight with fellow students, as their peers’ genuine enthusiasm will shine through.

Authenticity matters and college students can quickly determine sincerity in an individual; this can make or break your college marketing campaign. NAM Youth Marketing specializes in college marketing approaches. Over the past 17 years, we have worked on extensive ski area promotional campaigns utilizing our student brand ambassadors to engage with ski and adventure clubs, outdoor organizations, college sports teams, and undergraduate students. Our student brand influencers—fervent skiers themselves—know how to navigate the right channels in order to successfully communicate your message. Plus, their message carries social clout as their actions match their words.

To learn more about our vast student brand ambassador network and previous ski area case studies, contact NAM Youth Marketing at 888-631-9222. We will help your resort engage students with skiing opportunities!


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