College Marketing: Utilizing Movies and Visual Images to Promote Ski Resorts

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Learn how to successfully promote ski resorts using movies and images. Video clips and movies can capture the excitement and energy of skiing, captivating students in a matter of seconds. Incorporating them into your college marketing plan will generate interest among students and create buzz on campus.

Visual elements are increasingly important when it comes to college marketing, as the youth increasingly engage with technological devices and social media platforms, many of which are highly visualized. When researching how to do something, most students turn to YouTube for advice, as the videos allow viewers to understand the instructions in a more concrete way than text alone. Videos have the power to transport a person to a place and time. This leads to a more active form of advertising, as it require viewers to watch and engage with the material.

Skiing is a very elemental sport. One can try and describe the emotions and feelings behind it: the adrenaline of surging down a mountain at high speed, the utter vastness one feels when riding a ski lift, the sheer beauty of the mountain in its snowy ruggedness, the sense of accomplishment and pride one feels after conquering a new challenge. These are impressions, fragmentary glimpses of what skiing is all about. But, skiing is a very personal sport—one that truly needs to be experienced to fully understand.

A skier looking at a mountain vista

Video clips and movies can capture the excitement and energy of skiing, captivating students in a matter of seconds. There are several ways of integrating video into your college marketing campaign, including:

1.      Screening a Movie and Hosting an Information Session

Movies have the power to convey moods, build excitement, and enthuse the audience. One effective college marketing strategy would be to show a movie about skiing—not specific to your resort—that generates real interest among the students, making them question how they can be a part of something so epic and cool. After the viewing, when they are hooked on the idea of skiing, provide them with the answer. This is the time you push your resort specifically, when they eagerly want information. You can pass out college flyers with ski packages and deals, advertising your resort while providing a call to action.

Example movie: Warren Miller’s Flow State

This movie shows incredible vistas, amazing footage, spectacular feats, and describes the feelings associated with skiing. It will interest the advanced skier by the unbelievable jumps and tricks, and appeal to people new to the sport who want to discover what skiing is all about.

skier jumping

2.        Promote Ski Resorts By Showing Revolving Video Clips

An excellent way of reaching college students is by having a Student Brand Ambassador show video clips of your resort to students passing by. This is great way to drum up interest and drive sales. The Student Brand Influencers start conversations about your resort, discuss ski passes and trips, and provide promotional materials to interested students. This method of college event marketing increases exposure, builds brand awareness, and draws crowds. This will lead to word of mouth viral marketing.

Ski lifts at Mont Tremblant village

By advertising on college campuses and incorporating a video element into your college marketing campaign, you will stand out among your competitors and increase ROI. NAM Youth Marketing will help you promote ski resorts and increase your clientele. Call us today to learn more!


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