College Advertising: How Social Media Marketing Can Lead to Sales

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In order to captivate students’ attention and increase sales, college Facebook advertising and social media marketing must be done with finesse.

Build Value With Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing should not solicit sales directly, as that would scare away fans and followers. No one “likes” a company’s Facebook page to be sold things; instead they want information, news, and updates that they find engaging, fun, and relevant. Social media marketing requires finesse; you need to share just enough information about your brand to attract customers, while keeping it fresh and exciting.

Subtlety is everything when it comes to social media marketing and college Facebook advertising. A company that succeeds in having an engaging informative Facebook page with just the right combination of interesting information to promotional announcements is The majority of their posts feature recipes—which many of their viewers find entertaining—without directly mentioning their products, though they are clearly integrated into their posts through pictures. The other posts usually feature contests or promotional discounts. People perceive value in following them because they offer recipes, discounts, and the opportunity to win free items. Building value in your social media sites is inherent when marketing to students.

Don’t Use Facebook to Sale Directly

College students love Facebook and make great fans of brands they like. However, they will quickly unlike your Facebook page if they feel you are pushing college advertising down their throats. Contests are a great way of promoting your Facebook page to students; however, you need to continually provide intriguing content to keep those students around. Adhering to a regular schedule and changing the formatting of your posts, will keep followers expectant and engaged.

Though social media marketing should not encourage sales directly, it still has the power to increase sales. As followers routinely engage with your social media site, they will associate your company as an industry leader. They will think of your brand when they want to make a purchase. Social media marketing is a great way of college advertising. It utilizes mediums that college students love, while providing them with information they want. Consider using college Facebook marketing as part of your next social media marketing campaign. You will not be disappointed!

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