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Advertising youth to college students is an effective marketing approach. Develop a college marketing strategy that embraces the notion of living in the moment and celebrates youthfulness. 

Youth References in Pop Music

The youth tend to believe they are invincible; that they will stay young forever and that old age is far away. College students—though still part of the youth demographic—begin to recognize that aging is inevitable. They embrace the idea of living in the moment as a way to combat their fear of aging and to make the most out of their youthful years. Ke$ha’s song “Die Young” takes this idea of embracing life to the fullest and runs with it:

Let’s make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young
Young hearts, out our minds
Runnin like we outta time
Wild childs, lookin’ good
Livin hard just like we should 1

This song has seen countless success throughout the world and is widely popular among the youth demographic. Ke$ha is not the only artist to reach great success with this topic; the band Fun reached major stardom and received a 2013 Grammy Award with their record hit “We Are Young”. The major refrain highlights the infinite potential and energy of being young:

We are young
So let’s set the world on fire
We can burn brighter
Than the sun 2

Advertising Youth in College Ads

Make sure to capture the feeling and passion of being young in your college ads, building on the notion that life is precious and that we only have one life to live. We are only young once—though many of us remain youthful in spirit—and therefore have a limited time to experience our youth. When marketing to college students, highlighting their youth as a unique experience—one that should be fully utilized—will encourage them to indulge in their wants and desires. They will be more receptive to college advertising if they see how your product will allow them to experience their youth.

Advertising Beauty and Fashion On College Campuses

Beauty and cosmetic companies should focus on advertising on college campuses. College advertising might seem counter-intuitive as college students are in the prime of their youth, however, they are afraid of aging; they want to preserve their beauty as long as possible. This fear makes them excellent candidates for collegiate marketing. Fashion industries should also focus on college advertising, as many young people are interested in their appearance, dating, and making an impression. Marketing to college students by appealing to their youthfulness, no matter the industry, will help you reach this elusive demographic.

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 1 Click on the following link to read Ke$ha’s “Die Young”:

2 Click on the following link to read Fun’s “We Are Young”:

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