Reaching Millennials Through Off-Campus Experiential Marketing

Reaching Millennials Through Off-Campus Experiential Marketing

Millennials love to push boundaries and experience new things, making experiential marketing a highly effective college marketing approach. Millennials can’t stand to miss out on the latest gossip or news, and they desperately want to be included in events their peers are partaking in. That’s why they spend a great deal of time on Facebook despite their frustrations with it. Event marketing plays on this mentality—the desire to be a part of the action—while creating fun experiences and quality interactions.

While college marketing is a great way of reaching college students, some large-scale events lend itself to off-campus experiential marketing. Five types of events Millennials flock to in high numbers:

1. Sporting Events (On and Off Campus)

Sporting events are a truly unique world unto themselves. Millennials go to a home game and instantly have thousands of people cheering with them. It enables an instant point of connection and allows Millennials to bond together, leading to feelings of camaraderie. They lose themselves in the game, experiencing the thrills and excitements, hopes and let-downs, and anticipations and fears.

2. Music Festivals

Millennials love music festivals. Like sporting events, music festivals bring people together and foster feelings of belonging. A weekend at a festival serves as a form of escape and adventure for young people. It’s a chance to relax and forget all societal responsibilities.

3. Spring Break

College students travel to spring break destination spots in huge numbers. It’s a time to unwind and party with friends. It’s a societally recognized time to let loose and act carefree, without judgment. Many students travel for spring break for the experience.

4. Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras celebrations are all about having a good time and many Millennials travel to New Orleans to participate in the fun. It’s a time to dress up in costumes, sip on Sazerac cocktails, and parade in the streets. The culture of New Orleans is unlike anything in the world.

“My purest instinct is to be free. I found that in New Orleans” -Tennessee Williams

5. Metro Area Events

Many metro area events attract Millennials from around the country, from the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Event in Times Square to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Chicago. Millennials love to attend cultural events to expand their horizons and experience city life.

What do all these events have in common and why are they so popular among the youth? These events allow young people to escape the stresses of everyday life and have a unique experience. Through these events, Millennials become a part of a community. They hang out with people their own age in a lighthearted environment.

NAM Youth Marketing specializes in college marketing and experiential off-campus marketing techniques. Contact us today to discuss event marketing strategies and ways to connect with Millennials through these heavily trafficked and much loved venues.

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