Word of Mouth Viral Marketing Effectively Works in College Marketing

Word of Mouth Viral Marketing Effectively Works in College Marketing

College students are highly receptive to word of mouth viral marketing, especially when it’s communicated face-to-face versus online or in other formats.

Even though college students and teens prefer communicating through technology, such as smartphones and social media outlets, face-to-face interaction still plays a significant role in influencing them in consumer purchases. Reaching college students utilizing word of mouth viral marketing is crucial when trying to capture the youth market. This college marketing technique appeals to them for a variety of psychological factors, including trust and impressionability.

1. Trust

College students are more likely to trust their friends’ advice about products or services because it feels more genuine. Their friends have experienced the product and liked it enough to recommend it. For example, my neighbors are going on their first backpacking trip over spring break and since they know my husband and I went on a three month summer backpacking trip, they came to us for advice. They asked us what gear they would need, what food to bring, etc. We gave them detailed recommendations, including particular brands to avoid—as they were more gimmicky and about status—as well as products and brands we endorsed and trusted due to our experiences. Our friends gladly took our advice over internet articles and opinions due to trust and human interaction.

2. Impressionability

College students are highly impressionable. They want to live the college experience and that involves socializing and being part of a group. College event marketing is another great avenue of reaching college students. It allows your company to make a connection with students in a fun, engaging way. If there are a bunch of students gathering together on campus for your event, other students will grow curious and come check it out. They don’t want to miss anything; they want to be part of the exclusive group of students who participated. When engaging in college event marketing, it is important to make meaningful connections. Don’t try and sale your product, instead have a conversation about it. The importance of college marketing is to create bonds between the students and your company, leading to potential life-long customers.

Word of mouth viral marketing is key to success and your company can attain it through having high quality products and excellent service, balanced with a strategic college marketing plan. College event marketing can lead to word of mouth marketing, as well as social media marketing. Contact NAM Youth Marketing today and allow us to help you reach this vital demographic! 

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