Utilizing Campus Marketing Techniques to Attract Students to Programs and Schools

Utilizing Campus Marketing Techniques to Attract Students to Programs and Schools

Advertising on college campuses nationwide is a great way to increase the number of applicants to your program or school, but it must be done properly with a cohesive college marketing strategy.

Attract Students to Programs and Schools with College Advertising

One way to attract potential students to your program or school is by advertising on college campuses in key target areas. For example, if you’re a study abroad program that wants to make its program widely known throughout the nation to build appeal and increase applicants to your school, then you would want to come up with an effective college marketing strategy specifically targeting the most receptive spots on campus. For study abroad programs, that could include language and culture centers, art history and fine arts buildings, theatre and music halls, student unions, as well as various clubs pertaining to travel, culture, or adventure. On-campus advertising is a great way to get the word out, but it needs to be paired with a solid college marketing plan specific to your program.

If you’re a graduate program trying to recruit soon-to-be graduates then on-campus advertising can help. However, placement of campus flyers and ads are imperative. You want to make sure to avoid targeting freshman specific dorms and general education classes; otherwise your college marketing campaign won’t reach the right people at the right time and will be ineffective. It’s important to be familiar with the campus buildings and lay out, so you’re ensured to hit the right demographic at the right time.

Maybe your company is an online school wanting to attract new students to switch from a physical campus to a virtual campus. One way to do this would be to advertise on college campuses in buildings that have night classes. Usually the students most likely to be interested in attending an online university, would be the ones that have other responsibilities to attend to and therefore can’t attend the typical daytime classes.

Whatever school or program you’re trying to promote, NAM Youth Marketing can help come up with college marketing ideas to extend your clientele base. We can recommend the best places on campus to effectively reach your chosen demographic and at exactly the right time, so you can maximize your potential. Consider college event marketing, college flyering, college postering, QR code advertising, classroom announcements, and college street team marketing. 

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