The Importance of Reaching Incoming Students With College Advertising

The Importance of Reaching Incoming Students With College Advertising

Reaching incoming students with college advertising is essential when trying to build a solid customer base, as they’re willing and active participants in college marketing.

College students represent a large proportion of 18-24 years old and this demographic has steadily increased in recent years. More high school graduates are choosing to go to college. So if your target audience is the youth market, it’s a no-brainer to advertise on college campuses.

Advertising is all about timing and focus. One of the groups most susceptible and welcoming of advertising are incoming college students. For the first time they’re living on their own. Many have to furnish and set up their apartment, buy school supplies, and navigate in a new environment. They also want to explore places to eat and drink, as well as different entertainment venues around campus. These students have new found freedom and are eager to establish themselves.

Utilizing college advertising strategies during peak times—such as freshman orientation, dorm room move-in day, and the start of fall classes—will help you form a bond with these incoming students, a bond that will continue throughout their collegiate career and beyond. It’s easier to advertise to students who are fresh out of high school, who don’t have many preconceived notions or strong brand loyalties. They’re highly impressionable and looking for guidance to help them through this transitional phase.

Consider providing a welcome bag to students on dorm room move-in day. It could contain promotional samples of your product, coupons to your business, as well as a campus map to provide direction. It’s an effective college marketing plan because it allows your product to get into the hands of the students, but also shows them that your company cares. This will help foster a positive bond between your business and the students.

P2P marketing is another great way to reach these incoming students. Our Student Brand Ambassadors—highly networked members of the student body—can give guided tours of campus and distribute promotional flyers. They can interact with students and engage in college sampling. College students love free stuff and will eagerly accept product samples. P2P marketing provides interaction and creates lasting impressions with incoming students. Their first weeks of school will be memorable and your company could contribute to those memories.

Other college marketing ideas include hosting a welcome party, sponsoring various orientation events on campus, college postering, college billboard advertising, as well as college event marketing. The main goal is to make sure these incoming students have fun, whatever help you can provide, they’ll welcome with open arms. Don’t miss out on this crucial advertising opportunity, call NAM Youth Marketing today!

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