The Importance of Creating Buzz with Events in College Marketing

The Importance of Creating Buzz with Events in College Marketing

College event marketing will help your company form meaningful connections with the youth market. Utilizing your fans and creating exclusivity will create buzz among college students, leading to a success marketing campaign.

College students need to be engaged. Traditional methods of advertising alone will no longer suffice. There’s an overwhelming abundance of advertisements targeting this demographic, infiltrating their space, vying for their attention. The youth have become pretty adept at picking and choosing which ads to ignore and which ones to engage with.

One way to beat out the competitors and make your brand stand out is through college event marketing. This form of college marketing is successful because it engages the participant, creating a lasting memory in the consumer. This experience is much harder to forget, than typical advertisements. A bond has been formed, connecting the student with your company in a positive manner. When coming up with a college marketing strategy utilizing college event marketing, it is important to consider these two things: rewarding loyalty and exclusivity.

Creating Buzz with Events in College Marketing

1. Rewarding Loyalty

Every business knows its best customers. The ones that make orders on a regular basis, refer their friends to your establishment, consistently post on your Facebook wall—the thing they all have in common is their loyalty to your establishment. They spend a good deal of time, energy, and money visiting and promoting your business. They’re your fans, your advocates. When you are holding an event on campus make sure to tell your fans, more importantly let them help you organize and promote the event. They can help with college flyering, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, college postering, as well as distributing product samples. They will be eager to participate and feel included that you involved them. They have strong feelings about your company already and will make strong impressions.

2. Exclusivity

There’s no greater way to build hype about an event, than by making it feel exclusive. One easy way to make your event feel exclusive is to send out invitations to individuals and specific groups, clubs, and organizations. This will make the invitees feel special and create a buzz on campus. This can lead to a word of mouth viral marketing strategy. As people receive their invitations, they will tell their friends and make it known. This will most definitely extend to the social media realm, leading to social media marketing. Students will make posts saying they’re attending your event. Other ways to create exclusivity would be to have VIP passes, giveaway promotional clothing to wear to the event, or have early access for a few select attendees. Making an event feel exclusive is a great college marketing strategy. 

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