Public Image Can Impact College Advertising Campaigns

Public Image Can Impact College Advertising Campaigns

College students value genuine companies; maintaining your public image when marketing to students is essential for success.

Let us face it, the youth care about image; from their appearance to their social media profiles, college students pay careful attention in constructing their image. When choosing clothing and accessories, they buy brands that help them cultivate their look. They constantly judge others around them and evaluate their image based on their peers. Facebook is a self promotional tool, just as much as it is a socializing tool.

Public image can impact college advertising campaigns. College students do not react kindly to deception, and they have no fear of challenging your company’s claims if they feel justified. Media Post published an article recently by Bob Garfield, Speak Not Of Love. In Fact, Just Shut Up, explaining the importance of public image: “this is the Relationship Era, characterized for keen public interest in the conduct of brands, not to mention supercharged WOM. In social media, hypocrisy is called out in a heartbeat.”

This is especially true among the college demographic, as they are the most avid users of social media and word of mouth viral marketing. If they disagree with a company’s policies, they will write a review, start a petition, post on their social networking sites, and spread the word to all their friends. If your company inadvertently does something to hurt its public image, make sure to own up to it. Denying or ignoring the problem will only unleash more negativity onto your company.

Make sure to maintain positive interactions when advertising on college campuses. Respect school policies when distributing campus posters and college ads, as violating school policies implies that your company does not respect the students’ learning environment and can hurt your company’s image. Maintaining professionalism while engaging students in college advertising, can earn students’ esteem.

College advertising can lead to social media marketing and word of mouth viral marketing. Students advocate brands they like or believe in. They like to voice their opinions and share products they find cool with their friends. College advertising can help build your public image with the youth, gaining your company fans and followers. College students make great customers as they are vocal about the brands they love.


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