Promote Vacation Opportunities with College Advertising

Promote Vacation Opportunities with College Advertising

Vacations and traveling are an essential part of the college experience. If your company revolves around tourism, college advertising can help you build your customer base. Promote vacation opportunities with college advertising.  

As much as college students value their education and are going to college to earn their degree to have better career opportunities, they also value the college experience: meeting new people, being exposed to new ideas, developing as adults, exploring their sexuality, and creating lifelong friends. Scholastic learning matters, but our experiences shape who we are and define us as individuals. A real world internship might teach you more in a matter of weeks than a whole semester of college. A vacation one takes with friends might be a pivotal experience.

College students need a break after months of studying; they welcome a vacation as a way to recharge before the next set of classes begin. Vacations are an invaluable part of the college experience. The buzz around campus before spring break is noticeable, every student talking about what vacation spot they’re going to. If your company revolves around tourism—be it a skiing lodge or a parasailing company—college advertising can help.

College students readily accept promotional materials regarding vacation opportunities. They want to travel with their friends and have new adventures. College advertising is a great way to make your destination known. One of the easiest ways to reach college students is through on-campus advertising. Consider hanging college posters advertising your event or location in high traffic areas around campus. An eye-catching poster illustrating the beautiful sunny beaches of Florida will allow the students to visualize themselves lounging on the beach, swimming in the aquamarine waters. As the famous adage states, “a picture speaks a thousand words”.

There are many ways of reaching college students including, college flyering, billboard advertising, college newspaper advertising, and college street team marketing. Start a viral word of mouth marketing campaign by providing students with a special discount or promo code for their vacation. Students will love getting a deal on a vacation and will quickly spread the word to their friends. This will help with social media marketing as students love to post their check-ins, especially if they’re on vacation. It’s a way of bragging about the cool places they’ve been and keeping their friends in the loop. Their posts will be seen by hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers.

College advertising can help you build your clientele base. Call NAM Youth Marketing at 888-631-9222 today to learn more about this golden opportunity! 

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