Incentive is Key When Using QR Code Advertising in College Marketing

Incentive is Key When Using QR Code Advertising in College Marketing

College students are highly receptive to technological advances and they don’t like to waste time. QR code advertising appeals to them, if they understand the benefit of utilizing this technology.

QR Codes are a great way to enhance your college marketing campaign, especially when advertising to students. QR codes are becoming increasingly popular and recognizable by consumers and are a great way to instantly convey product information to the prospective buyer. However, college students are a finicky bunch when it comes to scanning QR codes. There needs to be a benefit that they receive by scanning the QR code—such as a coupon or free item—that they can’t get anywhere else.

In recent years, smartphones have become virtually universal on college campuses nationwide, making QR code advertising an essential component of collegiate marketing. All smartphones are capable of scanning QR codes, though some require the download of an app. Some of the most popular and free apps for QR scanning include: QR Reader for iPhone, AT&T code Scanner, ShopSavvy, NeoReader, and Barcode Scanner. All of which can be downloaded in a minute or less. Since downloading an app does take time, however, there needs to be a call to action.

The beauty of QR code advertising is the ability to take an interested customer directly to the company’s website in a matter of seconds, increasing their likelihood of making a purchase. There is not time for the consumer to forget in the hours between looking at a pamphlet and when they get to a computer. It also reduces human error. For example, if you’re advertising on college campuses and include a website in your promotional material, there is a chance the students might type in or copy the website wrong. A QR code prevents this from occurring and simplifies the process.

Another great feature of QR code advertising is the ability to track how many consumers visit your website. This can be extremely helpful in determining whether a particular college marketing strategy is working effectively. However, if the college students don’t see what is in it for them, they will not scan the QR code. There are many different ways to incorporate QR codes into a successful college marketing plan. They can be placed on campus posters, campus flyers, in college newspapers, as well as passed out on product samples. They can also be used by college street teams as a way to engage college students with the material. The most important thing is to make sure the QR code engages the students and they understand the value of scanning the QR code, otherwise QR code marketing won’t work.

College students are very receptive to advertising that utilizes technology or has a technological component to it. They don’t like to waste time and QR codes can help them receive the information as efficiently as possible. When considering your next college marketing campaign, make sure to include QR codes in your approach!

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