How to Use College Sporting Events in College Marketing: Part I

How to Use College Sporting Events in College Marketing Part I small

College sporting events are a huge part of college students’ lives and therefore should be taken advantage of when advertising to college students.

Let’s face it, college sports teams are a huge factor on college campuses. Schools are known for their success in a given sport. Gator Nation is a catchphrase used around the country, signifying that everywhere around the nation there are fans cheering on the Gators (University of Florida) and that’s not the only college team with such a following. Let’s consider the following:

– Some people decide where to go to college based on the school’s sports team

– College students spend a majority of their spare time attending or watching sporting events

What this shows it that reaching college students through sporting events is one way to effectively engage in college marketing. One way to do this and to make your company appealing to college students is to make an agreement on the tickets that if the home team scores over so many points and the students bring in their ticket that night, they get a free (insert product). This does a couple of things. It allows students to think your company cares about their team—they want them to do well, to win. This also puts your company in a favorable light. Even if their team doesn’t score the required number of points for the free item, they know your company was cheering them on, and if they do score the required number of points, it makes the college students feel like you’re celebrating with them.

This form of advertising also contributes to a word of mouth viral marketing strategy. College students will look at their event ticket and tell their friends. After the sporting event is over and their team has accomplished the requirements stated on the ticket, they will tell their friends who couldn’t attend the game to come and join them at (your company) because they are going to celebrate. Students will post on their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts that their going to (your company) to celebrate the game. The power of buzz viral word of mouth marketing is very powerful.

So far you can see that college sporting events are an effective way to reach college students and that creating a reward of some kind for the success of their team will lead to positive ideas and feelings of loyalty for your company and can create a viral word of mouth marketing strategy. My next blog will further explore ideas on advertising to students utilizing college sporting events. 

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