How to Use College Sporting Events in College Marketing: Part 2

How to Use College Sporting Events in College Marketing Part 2

College sporting events are a huge part of college students’ life and therefore should be taken advantage of when advertising for college students.

In my last blog “How to Use College Sporting Events as a Way to Advertise to Students: Part I”, I showed that college sporting events are an effective way to reach college students and that by linking your company on the side of the home team you will help create a positive connection with the students, creating a loyal customer base. In this blog I want to continue to explore different college advertising and marketing strategies using collegiate athletic events.

Sponsorships: This is a great way to get your company name out there in front of a large crowd and more importantly worn by college athletes, who students greatly admire. Advertising to students this way can be highly effective and subtle at the same time. There is not an annoying pause in the game for a commercial; instead the student athletes are walking advertisements for the company. For example, say a given college basketball team is sponsored by Nike. One of the players on the team is wearing a Nike headband to keep hair out of their face.

As that player goes to make a free throw, the camera zooms in on the guy’s face, unintentionally zooming in on the Nike logo as well. Though at the time most people aren’t going to be focusing on what he’s wearing—rather their attention will be on whether or not he’ll make the shot—later when they’re trying to emulate their favorite players they might just recall that Nike logo. Using sponsorships as a form of college advertising can play on people’s hopes and dreams of becoming better athletes. Also by having your brand linked with collegiate athletes, it links your brand with quality; if the college athletes are using this brand, it must be good.

Sponsorships do not have to end at the field or court. When student athletes attend classes or walk around campus—often wearing their athletic gear—they are advertising to students. Their classmates observe what they’re wearing and how they act, so they can copy it, or tell their friends and family about it. Another form of on-campus advertising using sporting events paired with sponsorships, would be to take a photograph of a athlete in motion wearing your company logo or product and place campus posters of it around campus. The students will be bombarded with this photo of someone they respect and admire and attached with it will be your company brand/logo.

The collegiate sports world is huge on campus and the popularity of college sports is only going to rise. Implementing this element into your college marketing strategy will undoubtedly make a huge splash and is a playing field where few companies can go but those who do, will reap the rewards.

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