How to Use College Marketing Strategies to Help Promote Your Company’s Image

How to Use College Marketing Strategies to Help Promote Your Company’s Image

Engaging with students in different fund raising techniques—while participating in college marketing— will help foster a bond between your company and the students, creating loyal customers.

Many organizations and student clubs are funded solely by the members or rely on various fund raising techniques to stay afloat. Usually the groups are for a good cause, such as Relay for Life (cancer research), Habitat for Humanity (building affordable housing), Amnesty International (protecting human rights), or environmental clubs. Others organizations cater to students’ interests. Either way, contributing in a small way to these student organizations will help build your company’s image and reputation.

One way you can contribute to the students’ organization—while participating in college marketing—is by allowing them to do a campus promotion of your brand. By donating a small portion of your goods and service and allowing the students to auction them off, you will help the students raise money for their organization while promoting your brand. This is an excellent way to build rapport and create a positive image with college students. It also can lead to a word of mouth viral marketing strategy. As they’re promoting their fund raiser, they will also be promoting your product. That’s a win-win situation.

College event marketing can build a lot of hype on campus and when you have students who are helping with collegiate promotions and benefiting from your charitable donations, it can be even more effective. College students tend to be highly impressionable; if other students are promoting your product, it’s more likely to catch their attention. This can quickly spread into social media arenas and help with social media marketing. If your company is linked with a fund raising venture—helping student organizations—this will receive kind reception in the social media channels. After all, the youth are the number one users of social media outlets.

By advertising to students in this manner, your company will make a lasting impression with students and they will remember your contribution. This small act of charity will form strong bonds between your company and the students, creating lifelong customers. The smallest of donations are significant and can lead to huge payoffs in the long run.

If you’re curious about this form of college advertising, contact NAM Youth Marketing today. We can talk about different college marketing strategies and help your company build a strong bond with the students. After all image really does matter and we’re here to help!

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