Get Noticed with College Newspapers an Effective Form of College Advertising

Get Noticed with College Newspapers an Effective Form of College Advertising

College newspaper advertising is a marketing tool you’re going to want to have in your arsenal, as it allows you to reach the majority of college students on a frequent basis.

Newspapers in general might be a dying trend, but college newspaper readership remains consistently high. One of the reasons for this is that college newspapers feature articles, news, events, and ads relevant to the students. It is journalism dedicated to their college, community, sports teams, clubs, sororities and fraternities, and events. Students read their college newspaper because they don’t want to miss anything—they want to be in the know.

College students have team spirit and support for their college. It’s their home away from home. One way they stay involved and up to date on the happenings around campus, is by reading their college newspaper. If you’re trying to advertise to students, then college newspaper advertising is a golden opportunity. It’s designed specifically for students and comes out on a regular basis. This means your college ads will be seen repeatedly and will leave a lasting impression on the students.

College newspapers are easily and readily available throughout campus and are a great way for students to pass the time. Students can be seen reading their college newspaper at bus stops, in the library, at the student union, the dining hall, at Starbucks, in the classroom, in the dorms, or anywhere on campus.

As you can see college newspapers are read by the majority of college students, making the college newspaper an excellent venue for reaching college students. By placing your ad in college newspapers it guarantees your ad will be read; it also shows the students that you support their school. Consider having a QR code in your college newspaper ad. This will allow the students to go directly to your business’s website and interact with your company or product. Another thing to consider is placing a coupon in your ad. This will encourage students to visit your establishment or buy your product.

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