Creating a College Marketing Plan that Respects Students’ Budgets

Creating a College Marketing Plan that Respects Students’ Budgets

College students are more receptive to college advertising if the company provides an incentive and respects their status as students.

College students do have discretionary spending power; however, they’re budget conscious. Most of their money comes from financial aid, their parents or relatives, or from working a part-time job. They like to make their money stretch as much as possible. They’re tech savvy and know how to shop around. When coming up with college marketing ideas, it’s of upmost importance to consider this and market accordingly.

College students want to feel like they’re getting a good deal. When purchasing a big ticket item, such as a laptop, they’re more likely to go with a brand that provides a student discount. This discount signifies to students that the company makes allocations for them and keeps their needs in mind. By providing a discount for students, the company gains the students’ respect. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Marketing to college students using incentives or discounts, will have a greater effect than college marketing alone. College students are a great demographic to market to; when they’re happy with a business or product, they make it known. This can lead to social media marketing, as well as viral word of mouth marketing. Consider promoting a college discount day at your establishment, exclusive for college students. This will draw students in and in return they will recommend your business to others.

Once you have decided on a way to lure students in—be it a discount, coupon, sale, or promotion—you then need to make it known. What’s good about a sale or discount if no one knows about it? One way to do this is with campus advertising. College students eagerly await new ideas and opportunities. They’re receptive to college marketing if they believe it’s in their interest. College students willingly spend money for enjoyment and entertainment purposes. If you have a venue that will cater to college students having fun, advertise it.

There are several different college marketing strategies, including college event marketing, college experiential marketing, as well college postering, college flyering, and college sampling. When advertising to students, it’s highly imperative to bring the advertising to them. There is no better way of reaching college students, than through on-campus marketing. After all the campus is where they attend class, study, eat, socialize, and party. They spend the majority of their time there, making it the ideal place to advertise.

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