Coupons are Key in College Advertising

Coupons are Key in College Advertising

Providing college students with an incentive to act is an essential college marketing strategy.

College students tend to live in the moment and are highly influenced by their desire to have fun, balanced with their love for a good deal. It is of upmost importance when advertising to students to come up with a college marketing strategy that is eye catching, direct, and provides students with an incentive.

If your company wants to capture this key demographic (18-29 year olds) and expand its customer base, collegiate marketing is the answer. One highly effective way of reaching college students is by providing them with a coupon to your place of business. This gives them an incentive to take action and leaves them satisfied on two fronts: they are happy they received a deal and they are happy with the product/service.

College newspaper advertising sets your college marketing campaign up for success and can trigger indirect social media marketing among the students. College students love to publicly display and post their check-ins on Facebook; these posts will be seen by their friends and acquaintances and may easily be viewed by hundreds if not thousands of potential customers.

College newspaper advertising is a great first step to a successful college marketing campaign. Contact NAM Youth Marketing today and we will help you come up with a college marketing strategy tailored specifically for your company and product.

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