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College students spent $907 on average for back to college essentials. This is a vital opportunity for college marketing.

Is your company brand savvy in outreach approach when it comes to not only reaching, but making an impact on the elusive college consumer (18-24 year-old) during back to college? Back to college spending is on the rise and it represents an opportunity for savvy brands to make strategic partnerships. Do you have a strategic college marketing partnership or fluff?

National Retail Federation’s 2012 survey in conjunction with BIGinsights found that college students will spend on average $907 on essentials and personal care items for back to college. Total spending will exceed $83 Billion.

Stores that lined out top priority include:

  • 67.1% will seek discount stores
  • 59.9% will buy at department stores
  • 23.7% will shop at drug stores
  • 42% via office supplies stores
  • 52% will shop at clothing stores
  • 26.3% will purchase items at electronics stores
  • 14.4% will shop at thrift stores

What does all this really mean aside from huge college advertising opportunity to attract these discretionary dollars? In short, it means that students do research on which products and services they will purchase and aligning with the right college marketing authority is critical for success. It all starts about 1 month prior to heading back to college (August 1); thus, reaching students off campus is paramount.

What they buy will include:

  • Apparel and accessories – 7.83 billion
  • Electronics – 12.75 billion
  • Dorm and apartment furnishings – 5.91 billion
  • School Supplies – 4.46 billion

Other categories where they’ll purchase:

  • Food Items
  • Personal Care
  • Gift Cards
  • Collegiate gear

The take away message is that in this high paced environment, finding and working with an experienced vendor is crucial for advertising spending that is efficient and targeted. NAM Youth Marketing “Rises Above The Noise” when it comes to providing clients with college marketing solutions.

In this day and age, where all it takes for a company to be discovered is spending money on paid search, one must ask and insist on due diligence. The company who posted the paid search ad may be a diluted kid who has only been in business for the last 14 days and is a self proclaimed expert on nothing. I would be inclined to ask the hard questions before I put my name and company on the line with some unknown advertising agency. Do not be fooled by diluted expertise; insist on experience and a proven track record.

NAM Youth Marketing, in business since 1997, will provide a SUPERIOR college marketing tailored platform that includes concept marketing. Concept marketing is vastly superior to cookie cutter stand alone programs—which are a thing of the past. In the end, NAM will translate your company into relevance with real solutions, real impact, real results and real ROI.

For more information on College Marketing and College Advertising Solutions provided by NAM Youth Marketing, please visit our site:

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