College Event Marketing: A Creative Approach to College Marketing

College Event Marketing A Creative Approach to College Marketing

College event marketing gives your company the opportunity to interact with students, allowing them to experience your product and participate in your brand’s story.

Event marketing takes college marketing to a whole new level. It is about engaging students in meaningful, interactive ways. College event marketing has the ability to break into the self-absorbed world of the youth, captivating students and leaving worthwhile impressions. It takes fleeting moments and transforms them into lasting memories. A company should use college event marketing as a way of reaching college students, forming person-to-person connections.

What exactly is event marketing? Event marketing consists of holding an event in order to promote a product or build brand awareness. It is important to implement your event marketing campaign at a location geared specifically for your target audience. For example, college event marketing should primarily be held on college campuses as that is where the majority of college students spend their time. By directing your energy at a location college students inhabit, your college marketing campaign will have more reach and be more relevant to the participants.

The whole point of event marketing is the interaction—the chance to start a conversation about your brand. It is a way to gain invaluable insight into how your consumers feel about your product, allowing them to voice their opinions and listening closely to what they have to say. Handing out product samples is one form of college event marketing that allows students to experience your brand and provides them with a chance to participate in creating a story about your brand through their experience with your product.

A successful college marketing campaign should create buzz on campus, leading to word of mouth viral marketing. Events and activities on campus draw attention and crowds garner even more attention. All it takes is a few interested students spreading the word to their friends, before you have a large gathering of students surrounding your promotion. Incorporating technology and social media into your event can add to the excitement and more importantly act as a reminder of their experience when the event is over. It is way to stay connected and engaged with students after the event.

Event marketing can also generate leads. You can acquire prospective customer’s information by having college street teams collect surveys; this data can be used to follow up with students or as a college marketing research tool. Provide an incentive or reward to encourage students to fill out the form. Make sure that the form is brief, interesting, and relevant. If the students think you are genuinely interested in their opinions, they will be more inclined to complete the questionnaire. To learn more about college event marketing, contact NAM Youth Marketing today!

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