College Advertising Utilizing Mass Media Engages College Students

College Advertising Utilizing Mass Media Engages College Students

Advertising to college students using mediums that they engage with regularly, will allow your message to reach its target audience in a meaningful way.

It’s a known fact that college students love technology. They use it as a way to interact and engage with their peers, stay up to date with the latest news and gossip, and as a tool in constructing their online image. Facebook has become an integral part of most college students’ lives, an obsession for some. Take the more extreme example, of where a University of Georgia student broke into somebody’s home, not to steal or vandalize, but in order to check her Facebook account. Though this case is bizarre, it does show the basic idea that college students consider Facebook an essential component of their everyday life.

Facebook is not the only medium college students engage with regularly; smartphones play a pivotal role. They connect them with the world. Students use them to browse the internet, to stay in touch with their friends and family, to get around, as well as for entertainment purposes. They often use their phones as a mean to receive alerts and updates from their social media sites.

With technology being such an abounding part of college students’ lives, it’s important to develop a college advertising plan that utilizes technology as way of reaching college students. Advertising to students using mediums that they eagerly engage with will make them more receptive to your company’s ad or message. College Facebook advertising, college text message marketing, and social media marketing are all excellent venues for reaching college students.

However, technology is not the only way to connect with college students. It is important to remember that college students are huge multitaskers. They love to optimize time; not as a means of productivity necessarily, but rather as a means of entertainment. They’ll often engage with 2 or 3 mediums simultaneously. College newspaper advertising is a great form of print advertising. It works because the college newspaper is all about the students and contains information and news that is relevant to them. It’s an excellent form of college advertising because it is solely for the college students.

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