College Advertising Helps Your Company Connect with Students

College Advertising Helps Your Company Connect with Students

College advertising helps your company connect with college students and form meaningful bonds, translating into potential lifelong customers.

The college market represents huge potential. College students have discretionary spending power, newly found freedom, and have not formed many strong brand loyalties yet. They are new to living on their own and are having to think of purchasing many items for the first time. They represent a great opportunity and with college advertising they are easily reachable. College students study, live, and socialize on college campuses, making it the best place to advertise.

College advertising can help your brand connect with college students, making the advertising visible in their space in easily accessible channels. With over 15 years of collegiate marketing experience, NAM Youth Marketing can help you come up with innovative college advertising solutions to expand your customer base and tap into the college demographic. There are several different college marketing ideas to consider, including:

College Postering, Table Tents, and Door Room Doorhangers: Distributing print media on college bulletin boards, campus dining halls and cafés, door rooms, study areas, lounges, and student unions will help bring attention to your company and brand, establishing your campus presence.

College Newspaper Advertising: Engage with students on a recurring basis in a format they love. Include a QR code in the ad to bridge the gap between print and online. Consider having a coupon or discount in the ad, providing them with an incentive to act.

Social Media Marketing: We create meaningful, engaging content and communicate it on various social media channels students love, including: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, and Foursquare. We help you build your online presence and get your message in front of your target demographic.

College Street Teams: Composed of college students at select universities, they can get your product into the hands of the students—creating buzz viral word of mouth marketing. College students are more willing to listen to campus representatives when they are fellow students.

These are just a few of the college advertising opportunities available through NAM Youth Marketing. We specialize in the college and youth marketplace and can help you reach your college marketing goals.

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