College Advertising: Advertising Culture and Adventure to College Students

College Advertising Culture and Adventure to College Students

College students have the desire to travel; study abroad programs should utilize on-campus marketing techniques to build on these dreams, highlighting the worthwhile nature of studying abroad.

College students love to travel and will eagerly jump at the opportunity to go on a vacation or travel abroad. They eagerly seek adventure, from a cruise to the Bahamas to a trek in the Amazon rainforest. They want the thrill and excitement of experiencing a new place and culture; the destination hardly matters. College students also value the knowledge they will gain from participating in a study abroad program, whether it be acquiring language skills, engaging in local customs, or learning about the history, politics, and culture of a new place. Marketers should build on these dreams and desires, highlighting the worthwhile nature of studying abroad.

If your company is a study abroad program trying to attract new applicants, college advertising can allure students to your destination. Most college students want to go abroad and explore the world, but do not know where to begin. By advertising on college campuses your company can demystify the application and study abroad process, making it more accessible and possible for students. Consider having college street teams promote your program by making classroom and club announcements to selected members of the student body, presenting your school and location in a fun, interactive way. College street team members can answer any questions students have and refer them to your website for more information.

Another college advertising plan is to distribute media around campus, including college posters and college flyers, as well as table tents and dorm room door hangers. With study abroad opportunities you should focus on the visual elements primarily; a stunning photograph of a mountain vista or a beautiful shot of a tropical beach conveys more meaning than words ever could. You want an image that catches the eye and sets the viewer dreaming, imaging themselves there.

On the print media, you can include a link to your website, as well as a QR code. The beauty of QR code advertising is the ability to engage the consumer directly with the company’s mobile site, forming an instant connection. However, for QR code advertising to work you must provide the student with an incentive for scanning; offering a discount, coupon, or exclusive information works well in enticing college students to scan.

Study abroad programs will benefit tremendously by utilizing college advertising techniques at specific points throughout the year. Contact NAM Youth Marketing today and speak with a college marketing specialist!

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