College Marketing: Reaching College Students by Marketing an Experience

College Marketing: Reaching College Students by Marketing an Experience

Show college students the value of your brand by marketing an experience and highlighting the connections they will form through that experience.

College students have minds of their own. They are spontaneous experimental individuals who are tech savvy and easily influenced by their peers. Given these characteristics, marketing to college students poses a serious challenge. They do not trust companies that push their brand too hard and they do not react well to being told what to do or how to think. They value their individuality and constantly seek to further explore who they are. Their experiences add meaning to their lives and help shape them as individuals.

Collegiate marketing requires finesse, as college students tend to be wary of advertising. They do not want their life to be dictated and influenced as the result of advertising. When exploring college marketing ideas, it is imperative to appeal to students’ quest for new experiences. Tell them a story with your brand and show them how it adds meaning to their lives. Do not focus on the product or service; instead focus on how the product contributes to their lives, adding to their experiences.

A solid college marketing plan highlights the excitement and fun students have using your product and shows the connections that result from use. College students love to meet new people and form friendships. They want to experience college life—from dorm room parties to spring break vacations to studying abroad—to the fullest extent possible and are willing to sacrifice to make it happen. They have discretionary money to spend and are willing to spend it on products or experiences that add value to their lives.

College students value connectivity, as can be seen by their extensive social networking use and love for technology. Technology allows them to communicate with friends and family all over the world; it is how they stay up to date with current news and trends. When advertising to students, make sure to demonstrate how your product brings people together. Use social media marketing to start conversations with students and find out what they really think. They value authenticity and a genuine attitude, incorporating these qualities into your college marketing campaign will lead to success.

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