College Student Back-To-School Marketing Opportunities

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Back-to-school advertising, during the early fall semester, can increase brand awareness and allow your company to form positive bonds with incoming students, as well as marketing to students looking for change and excitement.

Advertising to students at the beginning or near the start of the fall semester is imperative. This is a time when many students are making a lot of purchases, including clothing, technology, furniture, school supplies, household items, and media. The beginning of the fall semester represents a new year and is an exciting time for college students.

Advertising to College Freshmen

Freshman will just be starting on their collegiate journey and will eagerly welcome advice and college marketing. This is a new phase in their lives and they have to adjust to their surroundings. Providing these freshmen with friendly tips and suggestions can help foster bonds and create loyal customers. Reaching college students early in their collegiate career will help increase your customer base and help establish buying trends in the consumer.

Freshmen are not the only ones who will benefit from college marketing during the early fall semester. The fall semester represents a new start for many students and is good time for on-campus marketing. Many students have new goals or want to create a new image of themselves; they want to try new things and have new experiences. Advertising on college campuses during this period of change, can help your company gain new clientele.

Back-To-School Marketing Opportunities

NAM Youth Marketing leverages a variety of back-to-school marketing opportunities that engage college students, including campus posters, campus flyers, campus ads, college street teams, orientation marketing, as well as campus newspaper advertising. If your company wants to push boundaries and make a lasting impression, consider college experiential marketing or college event marketing. Organize an event on campus that focuses around college move in day. Help students settle into their dorms and provide them with product samples or welcome bags. Having members of a college street teams greet them and help them move in or provide them with a map, leaving them with a lasting impression and showing the students that your company cares.

Making that positive first impression, early in the fall semester, will help build trust between your company and the students. Reaching college students during this vital period can really help with ROI. NAM Youth Marketing can help you with your college marketing needs. Contact us today and speak with a college marketing specialist. We can help you reach the elusive college demographic with back-to-school advertising!

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