College Marketing Campaign During Midterm or Finals

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Midterm and finals week might be a hectic time for college students, but it is also an ideal time for collegiate marketing. Having a college marketing campaign during midterm or finals, while taking students’ needs into consideration, can leave a lasting impression and earn the students’ respect.

College Marketing Campaign During Midterm and Finals

It might seem illogical to have a college marketing campaign during midterm or finals week, when students are at their busiest. Everyone has experienced the dread of realizing it is finals week and knowing that procrastinating might not have been the best idea. That is when the mad rush begins; trying to do all night cram sessions to make up for the lack of studying earlier. The whole student body seems to be frantic about focusing on the task at hand. However, if done correctly, it can actually be a great time for marketing to college students.

When advertising to students during peak stress times—such as finals and midterm weeks— remember to focus your attention on the students first and foremost, and secondly on promoting your brand. Figuring out what product and services might interest students most during this hectic time and incorporating it into your college marketing plan will help foster positive bonds between your company and the students. If they feel like your company genuinely cares about them and is taking positive steps to help them through this difficult period, your company will earn their respect.

College Marketing Ideas

Some different college marketing ideas include passing out highlighters with your company’s logo to students entering the library, offering college students a free cup a coffee at peak hours at on-campus cafes with your company’s logo on the java sleeve, or providing coupons or discounts to local establishments. The on-campus marketing opportunities are endless. The main goal is to make sure your college marketing campaign is not adding to their stress, but rather helping to reduce it. By providing students with a momentary distraction and respite from their studying, you can give students a much needed break by engaging them in fun, meaningful ways.

Focus on Students Wants and Needs During Advertising Campaigns

Students are an appreciatory group. If they feel like your company is helping them out, they will spread the word. This can help promote a word of mouth viral marketing strategy. For example, if your company is handing out organizational planners, students who see this will tell their friends as well. In the planners you can include coupons to your establishment, allowing them to use them when midterms and finals are over. The key to a successful college marketing campaign is to appeal students’ interests and engage them in a meaningful manner. Having a college marketing campaign during midterm or finals can be highly successful if you take students’ needs and wants into consideration.


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