College Advertising During Spring Break Can Reap Big Rewards

College Advertising During Spring Break Can Reap Big Rewards

Spring Break represents a great opportunity for companies advertising to students, as it allows them to engage with students in fun and creative ways, while building upon the spring break experience.

Spring break can be one of the biggest college advertising opportunities of the year. It is a time when countless students travel to vacation spots around the world to relax and have fun. Key destinations spots, include Panama City Beach, Daytona Beach, Miami, South Padre Island, and Las Vegas. The sheer number of college students that flock to these party destinations during spring break are quite staggering.

Advertising to students during spring break can connect you with the elusive college demographic. Spring break advertising needs to rely heavily on college experiential marketing and college event marketing. Traditional forms of advertising and flyering will not suffice during this time. It is essential to keep the college advertising fun, engaging, and part of the spring break experience. Otherwise, it will seem more annoying than anything else and might backlash.

When developing a college marking plan, factor in ways to make your product add to the spring break experience. This can have a dual positive effect; it can expose the students to your brand, while fostering fond memories of your product with their spring break vacation. If your product is not a typical party item, all is not lost.

All it takes is creativity and a new spin and you can have a successful college advertising campaign. For example, Julie Bosman mentions in her article, Marketers Follow the Flock to Spring Break, that “the vitamin supplement Emergen-C is providing samples in hotel rooms and bars to re-invent itself as a hangover remedy.” This shows that a product not typically associated with the party scene—in this case vitamins—can be transformed and given a new look as a way of reaching college students.

Simple things like providing towels, visors, sunglasses, shot glasses, or hats—all with your company’s logo—can contribute to the spring break experience and act as memorabilia for when the trip is over. Remember to keep the student marketing focused on the students, their desires, experiences, and interests. Keep it real and help them create memories and associations with your brand. Make sure to add to their fun and leave a lasting impression.

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