Utilize SMS Mobile Coupons in Your Next College Marketing Plan

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SMS mobile coupons are a fast, efficient way of marketing to college students. They provide students with an incentive to act and are a great college marketing tool. 

SMS mobile coupons are increasingly popular among the college demographic and are a great form of college student marketing. For the majority of college students, their smartphones have become an essential component of their everyday life. They use it to text, send e-mails, check social media sites, take photographs, browse the web, and as a phone. Their phones have become their lifeline to the world. They use their phones to socialize and stay up-to-date with what is happening in the world.

Since college students love technology and their smartphones, SMS mobile coupons should be used when marketing to college students. SMS coupons are a fast and efficient way of advertising to college students. It reduces the need to print a coupon and the chance of forgetting or losing that coupon. Since most college students have their phone with them daily, it provides a convenient alternative to print coupons. SMS coupons save time, money, and hassle.

According to a recent MobileShopTalk article, The Rise of SMS Mobile Coupons, MMS pioneer Mogreet’s James Citron highlights the huge benefit of mobile coupons as call to action tools,

“ ‘Mobile coupons delivered via SMS/MMS offer the single most impactful way to deliver an incentive to a consumer. Our retail partners have found that MMS coupons routinely drive four times the in-store traffic of coupons delivered via e-mail.’”

SMS mobile coupons provide a call to action that most college students respond well to. Incentive is paramount when college marketing. They need a reason to act, such as a coupon, discount, deal, or promotion. With SMS mobile coupons that incentive is delivered directly to them in a convenient and hassle-free format. Reminders can also be sent through SMS mobile marketing, reminding them to use their coupons. It is a welcome form of college marketing, as students readily accept coupons and deals from companies they know and love.

College students are smart shoppers. They love Groupon, LivingSocial, and other daily deal sites. If they can purchase the same product or service for less, they are all for it. Groupon and LivingSocial both have apps where you can load the coupon directly on your phone, allowing the merchant to easily scan the barcode. When marketing to students using SMS mobile coupons, make sure that the coupon can be scanned easily. This ensures that the transaction will go smoothly, leaving the customer satisfied. I predict more and more companies are going to start using this technology as a means of advertising to students. 

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Click on the following link to read Chuck Martin’s article: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/193833/the-rise-of-sms-mobile-coupons.html?edition=56824#axzz2QADIFoUA

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