Engaging College Students Matters More Than Sheer Numbers Alone in College Marketing

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When marketing to college students, it is more important to focus on providing engaging, meaningful content than focusing solely on numbers.

Social media marketing enables brands to gain followers and friends, while highlighting and marketing upcoming events or products. It is a great medium for reaching college students, since they readily indulge in various social media platforms. Knowing your target audience and their love of social media can help jumpstart conversations and engagement with your brand. Social media marketing can be an excellent college marketing tool when done correctly. However, most companies lose sight of the bigger goal—forming meaningful connections—when using social media marketing; instead they focus on numbers alone. This obsession on numbers shifts the attention away from engagement and creating strong customer-brand relations and focuses more on quantity.

In a recent Adweek article by Andrew McMains, Social Media Reach Helps, but Quality Counts More, Facebook’s Blake Chandlee expressed a similar vision of how we should not sacrifice quality content for the sake of increased fans,

“ ‘We do believe that people’s best customers should be their fans. We think that’s a unique way to touch them. . . . But it’s not about getting more fans than your competitors because that’s a chase to the bottom, and, at the end of the day, the quality of those fans gets impacted. And we just think that’s a mistake.’”

Providing quality content that interests college students is imperative when college marketing. College students are a discriminating bunch. If your company is not providing content that they find relevant, entertaining, or fun, they will quickly move on to a company that does. College students like to express their opinions and have conversations; they do not like to be told things. When marketing to college students it is essential to let them be part of the conversation; make sure to let them express their thoughts and ideas. Encourage them to participate in contests where their voice or opinion can shine; let them tell a story about your brand or product. Stories have the ability to create an emotional impact in an audience. If you engage with your fans in meaningful ways, they will engage back and the rewards will be priceless. Don’t fixate on numbers, if you focus on quality content first and foremost the numbers will follow and more importantly the fans you have will mean something.

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Click on the following link to read Andrew McMains’ article: http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/social-media-reach-helps-quality-counts-more-147906

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  1. Piper Donnelly says:

    You’re right, college students must be apart of the conversation for effective marketing. They need to feel engaged with something familiar to feel it is authentic and real. I think this is also important for universities to consider, particularly through the summer months to avoid the slump. Check out these tips from @micahwhitehead on how to keep students engaged! http://vergepipemedia.com/blog/beat-the-summer-slide-tips-for-staying-engaged-with-college-students/

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