Using College Students to Promote your Brand On Campus

Using College Students to Promote your Brand On Campus

College students are often thought of as the target for brands on campus but the truth is that there are ways to utilize college students in a variety of programs to reach college students on campus through peer to peer recommendations.

College students are a highly sought after demographic on campus as they are on their own for the first time and are empowered with purchasing decisions for the first time in their lives.  This is also a key time in their lives where brand can forge a relationship with students in the hopes of beginning a lifelong consumer/brand relationship.

On the other hand, college students are cynical demographic, especially toward corporate advertising and traditional marketing mediums.  On college campuses, a recommendations from one student to another is extremely valuable and can be the difference in college students making their decision between one brand and another.

Using college students to promote your brand is essential to give your brand the edge.  Here are examples of programs that college students can implement for you on campus that are effective and economical:

Posters: College students know the best places on campus to place materials for maximum visibility.  College students also have the ability to get approvals that might otherwise might be difficult for brands approaching the campus directly.  Through the use of QR Codes on print media, a quick and easy portal is provided for students to engage your brand online thus making a static medium digital.

Dorm Door Hangers: Reaching students in the dorms is a highly effective way to reach college students on campus where they live and spend the majority of their time.  Reaching college students in the dorms can be a difficult task for brand to directly take on their own.  However college students, with their relationships with RA and residence halls, can efficiently obtain the necessary permissions for optimal placements.

Brand Ambassadors: Interacting with students on campuses, whether it be handing out samples or print media, collecting information in the form of data cards or engaging students through a tabling event on campus, the message will resonate much more if another students is making the first connection.  When trying to get the time of day from busy college students, get the edge against your competitors by utilizing college students as your spokesperson.

Social Media: Let’s face it, Facebook ads just won’t cut it! College students go on Facebook and other social media platforms to talk to students in a real and organic way.  Having students make a recommendations to Facebook friends and Twitter followers is a pre-qualified way for students to promote your brand in a way you know will be effective and will provide a perfect complement to a print, branding campaign.

College students are an essential part of any college marketing campaign and finding the best ways to utilize them can really make a big difference.  For more information on programs that NAM Youth Marketing can offer, please visit our website and fill out our free quote form today:

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