3 Key Ways to Succeed at College Marketing to College Students on Campus

3 Key Ways to Succeed at College Marketing to College Students on Campus

Reaching the college market can be an easy process when combined with the right partner. Here is how combining 3 different advertising approaches simultaneously can really capture college students’ attention.

There is a lot of noise on college campuses. Many companies are trying to outdo each other in finding ways to really make the best impact in engaging this audience, as they can turn into lifelong customer if the relationship begins the right way. However, in the face of ever changing technology, the core programs where college marketing began still remain strong and effective.

3 Key Ways to Succeed at College Marketing

1. Campus Posters: With many bulletin boards spread throughout a college campus, placing posters can act as a strategic reminder of your company logo and product. As college students walk to their classes, they will see the posters all over campus and subconsciously or consciously will become more familiar with your product.

2. Campus Flyers/Handouts: As college students become more and more accustomed to your company and ad campaign through the various posters around campus, it is now time to use a more direct approach. College students might not take the time to stop and read a given poster, rather they give it a brief scan or glimpse; it allows them to become aware of your product without the details. With the flyer on the other hand, they are more apt to look more closely at the given details. The reason for this is that a poster hangs on a bulletin board whereas a flyer is given out by a person. The person is harder to ignore without being rude, so many college students will take the flyer and once it is in their hands, the curiosity will get the better of them and they’ll look at the advertisement. Having a person hand out campus flyers also allows for college students to ask any questions about the company, event, or product. Human interaction does make a difference and lends more credibility to the company.

3. Campus Door hangers: Since handing out flyers can only reach so many students, it is important to reinforce the message with campus door hangers. According to Collegebound Network “at public colleges, about 40 percent of full-time students live on campus.” So an easy way to reach 40% of the college market is to place informational door hangers on campus dorms and apartments. Since the door hangers will be on every door in the dorm, students will be curious to see what it is all about.

Campus posters, flyers, and door hangers each play an essential role in capturing the college market and when used simultaneously lead to the greatest success.

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