Reaching College Students Using Text message Advertising and Mobile Apps

Reaching College Students Using Text message Advertising

A great way to advertise to college students is to use text message advertising and mobile apps.

1. Text message advertising:

College students constantly have their cell phones on them, even when they are in class the majority admits to texting. According to “a new Ball State University text messaging has far eclipsed e-mail and instant messaging as college students’ favored way of staying in touch.” Texting is a quick and easy way to communicate and since it is their favored form of communication it is a great way to advertise to them. Since college students don’t check their e-mail as regularly as they text, advertisements via e-mail can be a bit overwhelming and more likely to be ignored. Text messages on the other hand must be looked at. Many universities recognizing students’ dependence on text messaging have started communicating to students via this format. Businesses like wise should use text message advertising to reach the youth market.

2. Mobile apps:

This is another great way to market to college students. College students love down loading apps. When they download one for your company, you will be able to send them updates about coupons and product information. It pops up on the screen just like text messaging and with new deals being offered daily/weekly it acts as a constant reminder ( advertisement) for your company. College students love technology and if you utilize this technology not only will you reach the college market, your company will look hip doing so.

Text message advertising combined with mobile app advertising is the new way to reach the college market. 


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